Making certain all employees are performing at peak levels is an important feature of all successful dealerships. USWC's two levels of Customized Performance Training – the US College of Automotive Excellence and Dealer Development, help ensure maximum sales penetration and efficiency.


USWC’s highly experienced field staff will provide full instruction to all departments within the dealership in order to ensure a successful product launch. The F&I, Accounting and Service Departments will be trained in all aspects of the products installed, including benefits, advantages, coverages, procedures, claims handling, premium remittance, etc.


USWC assigns each dealer a highly trained field specialist to provide ongoing in-store support, feedback and training to maintain excellent performance. Additional support will be provided by USWC’s experienced in-house staff, where support personnel average 8 years of experience with the company.


USWC specialists and in-house support personnel will provide detailed analysis for each area of the dealership impacting F&I performance. The 5 key areas focused on are: Pay Plans, Processes, Products, Personnel and Performance Reporting.


  • Product Installation: Each department within the dealership is fully instructed on the benefits, advantages, and procedures of all products installed.
  • The F&I Department is provided comparisons against previous programs, coverage benefits, using the automated hotline for cancel requests and quotes, and basic sales strategies.
  • The Office Staff is provided complete instruction on remittance/payment procedures for each product installed, use of the automated hotline for cancel requests and quotes, and retrieving all relevant statements from the Internet.
  • The Officers of the DOWC are provided instruction on retrieving and interpreting the financial statements, both current and historical, of the DOWC.
  • The Service Department is provided with detailed instruction on programs and coverage installed, filing claims, using the automated claim hotline, authorization numbers, the use of inspectors, and payment procedures.