United States Warranty Corp is a full-service administrator, striving to provide our customers with highly profitable, consumer-driven programs; enhanced by our unparalleled service, training and ongoing support.


USWC is known for its quick and proficient claims handling with an 85.4% success at getting customer back to issuing dealer. Our team has the expertise and knowledge to process even the most complex claims, as well as proprietary technology, designed specifically for adjudicating claims. Our efficiency in claims handling allows us to provide fast, accurate and reliable payment for all claims received.


Our ability to create unique and value driven programs, gives our customers a distinct advantage over the competition. USWC provides full design support including marketing slicks and brochures, as well as form creation.


Extensive knowledge based on 4 decades of experience. Processing of new contracts, transfers and cancellations transmitted via Online Entry, E-Contracting, and/or Mail, managed by USWC. Submitted policies are reviewed for accuracy and compliance purposes. Transaction and error reports are provided once monthly batches have been underwritten.


Our 24/7 On-Line Reporting System enables us to prepare reports that track “real time” results at the Dealership level. Our Management reports can be a useful tool in evaluating trends and identifying opportunities. Income statements, balance sheets and monthly claims registers provided as well.


Compliance with federal and state regulations and proper disclosure procedures is of the upmost importance to us. Not only do we execute all of the required regulatory licensing, filing and reporting for our clients, we also consistently audit underwritten contracts to ensure conformity.