We are best known in the marketplace for our set-up, administration and management of Dealer Owned Warranty Companies-DOWC’s. However, reinsurance programs such as CFC’s/NCFC’s, retros/reinsured retros, and straight commission plans, can be utilized as well. Whichever platform you choose, USWC will consult with you through each step, from the initial decision-making process, formation and implementation, and regular performance monitoring, to help you optimize your F&I program.

Allows 100% Control Over Your F&I Program

  • Rates, coverages, marketing materials, as well as the company name, are at the discretion of the dealer.
  • Underwriting and investment income retained solely by the DOWC.
  • Provides significant cash flow. Dealer can even borrow excess cash for virtually any purpose.
  • NO CLAIMS HEAT – Dealer has override authorization on all claims.
  • Contractual Liability Policy limits potential exposure to losses.
  • Tax-deferred nature of the DOWC allows the dealer to use it as a wealth building tool.
  • Benefits of a DOWC far outpace other programs available to the automotive marketplace.

USWC can help you with the set-up of your DOWC, and handles all of the day to day operations for the DOWC, including: Underwriting, Claims, Financial Statement Preparation and Reporting, “Real time” Online Entry and Reporting, Regulatory Compliance Assistance.